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Framework Placing Boom can work in panoramic without ANY dead angle , reaching more efficient constr

Project under construction in Guangzhou——Guangzhou Huanju Building super high-rise project is located in AH040224, Pazhou A Zone, Haizhu District, Guangzhou city. With A total construction area of 139000 square meters,the project has 43 floors on the ground, and six floors on the partial frame. The design height of the structural floor is 222.15m.At present, half of the main project has been completed.


The project is constructed by China Railway Construction Engineering co., LTD. PB32A3R Framework Placing Boom of our company is selected for concrete pouring construction. This type of concrete placing boom is widely used in high-rise building concrete construction. Flexible and convenient,it contributes to efficient construction and thus is widely praised by construction units!


一.Flexible design of arm frame, wider concrete placing range

1)The arm assembly is composed of the big arm, middle arm, forearm, oil cylinder and four connecting rod mechanism. The big arm is divided into two sections, the root of the big arm is connected with the turntable. Fully hydraulic driven,it contains safety hook protection. It is flexible to fold and expand with wide distribution range.

 2)The structure of the boom is made of high strength steel plate, with high strength and light weight.  The working platform for placing hydraulic pump station and electric control cabinet is specially designed for the upper rotary support, which makes construction more convenient. 


.Various types to meet different construction requirements

The installation of the concrete placing boom is divided into independent fixed and inner climbing, and the inner climbing is divided into floor climbing and elevator well climbing, which can meet the needs of different sites.


三.Excellent configuration, intelligent design

1)Using Atos valve block and Schneider power distribution cabinet electronic components, the machine has stable performance.

2)There are two ways to control:wired and wireless control. Its convenient and safe to operate.

3)Humanized design and automatic alarm system make it convenient for maintenance and prolongs the life of equipment .

4)Each action is divided into switching quantity control and electric proportional control, thus the control is more precise and flexible. Users can choose according to their own needs.