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The differences between hydraulic placing boom and manual distributor

The differences between hydraulic placing boom and manual distributor

From the figure you can see the difference between hydraulic distributor and manual distributor. One is remote control and the other is manual. They are also obviously different from each other from the configuration. Hydraulic placing boom belongs to intelligent concrete conveying machinery, manual placing boom is all manual concrete conveying machinery.

The configuration of hydraulic distributor includes electrical components and hydraulic components of point proportional valve. The range of hydraulic distributor is also wide. Using the boom as a support conveying pipe,it makes the conveying pipe attached to the arm frame, which can extend the cloth area. It can be operated by wireless remote control and wired remote control, so that the cloth machine can be controlled remotely. With the arrival of the 5G era, intelligence is also gaining popularity,therefore saving personnel costs and improving construction efficiency are what construction units want.

Manual placing boom is a combination of the frame and the conveying pipe,when distributing workers should swing the conveying pipe manually. If the conveying pipe is too long, the weight of the conveying pipe and the weight of the concrete is not bearable for the rack, so the manual distributing machine greatly reduces the scope of the cloth.

So in the comparison between hydraulic distributing machine and manual distributing machine, the practicality of hydraulic placing boom is distinct.