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Saudi Arabia mobile concrete batching plant

The mobile mixing plant is a concrete mixing equipment specially designed by Treuamx for customers who need frequent transitions or mobile construction. The equipment is flexible and can be towed and transported. It is a high-quality choice for construction customers.

Type A mobile mixing plant Model: CBP60A1, CBP180MA1

Type B mobile mixing plant Model: CBP25MB1, CBP35MB1

 Saudi Arabia mobile concrete batching plant

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As a mobile commercial mixing station, it is used by more users and has the following advantages:

(1) Easy to transport;

(2) Easy installation and disassembly, good transport and transfer performance;

(3) The mixing plant has less installation requirements and can be used on flat ground;

(4) It has a wide range of uses and can be used in areas with relatively poor conditions and in rural construction;

(5) The cost is lower.