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  1. TRUEMAX provide employees with a variety of benefits, and at the same time establish a flexible salary system based on the value difference between different positions.


  2. TRUEMAX provide induction training for employees to fully understand the company. In addition,, it also provides employees with diversified job skills training to help them effectively improve their skills.

  3. Determine people by post, match people and posts, and put the right people in the right posts. Combine job channels with employee career planning; management route; professional route; Create a fair development space and opportunity for every employee.

Job Vacancy

  • Management position
  • Business position
  • Support service position
  • Consultant position
  1. Marketing DirectorClick Here To View More

    1. Marketing, engineering, machinery, international trade or related major, bachelor degree or above;

    2. Over 10 years experience in related industry, over 3 years working experience in this position, familiar with international engineering machinery market;

    3. Have rich experience in brand promotion and extensive customer base of the industry;

    4. Have the keen market consciousness, strain capacity, leadership and team building ability, organization ability;

    5. Have run foreign brands or domestic famous brand work experience is preferred.

    Purchasing ManagerClick Here To View More

    1. Machinery or Industry major, associate degree or above;

    2. Familiar with export purchasing working process and can work independently. Have more than 2 years working experience in this position.

    3. Familiar with office software and drawing software, such as AUTOCAD, etc

    4. Have working experience of purchasing management in well-known enterprises in concrete industry. Integrate industry resources, make cost accounting and channel development.

    5. Regular business trip is demanded.

    Area Sales ManagerClick Here To View More

    1. Over 3 years working experience in this position of machinery industry. Overseas business trip or long-term assignment is demanded.

    2. Strong business development ability, familiar with local market environment, excellent performance;

    3. Have good professional ethics

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Truemax Group established in 2003,is an integrated supplier of machinery engineering, manufacturing, trading, parts and after-sales services for international projects.

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