Misson, Vision, Value-Truemax makes concrete equipment manufacturing and direct sales-

Misson, Vision, Value

Truemax focuses on research & development, manufacturing and direct sales of concrete machinery and equipment, and can provide 24-hour after-sales service

  A ferghana horse called TRUEMAX,continues towards the sun.“TRUE”means true,real,honest and loyal."MAX"means maximum.The whole word"TRUEMAX"means"trust in MAX,trust in us".


  Ingenuity quality,Global service


  Build excellent team,Create international premium brand

  To be global top ten concrete equipments and services suppliers

  To be outstanding and responsible Truemax man


  Precision quality,loyal to world,unit,innovation,respective,honesty,responsibility

  Management philosophy

  More satisfied,more suprised


  Fast action,to be the first