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What are the reasons of the boom pump truck is easy to block the pipe

It is a very annoying thing to encounter boom pump truck blockage during construction, which not only delays the construction period, but also is very troubleso···...

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The differences between hydraulic placing boom and manual distributor

From the figure you can see the difference between hydraulic distributorand manual distributor. One is remote control and the other is manual. They are also obv···...

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What are the preparations before the use of TRUEMAX hydraulic concrete placing boom?

Check whether the bolts of the hydraulic concrete placing boomcan be tightened and whether the rotating shaft can function. Set up a scaffold to place the hydra···...

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Framework Placing Boom can work in panoramic without ANY dead angle , reaching more efficient constr

Project under construction in Guangzhou——Guangzhou Huanju Building super high-rise project is located in AH040224, Pazhou A Zone, Haizhu District, Guangzhou c···...

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Five points for attention in daily maintenance of TRUEMAX truck mounted boom

1.Add grease to the transmission parts of the boom, turret, outrigger and pump chassis. Be sure to fill enough butter for the first time, twice a month thereaft···...

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