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Mexco 38m truck mounted boom pump

1.Jobsite: Mexco2.Product: 38m truck mounted boom pump with sitrak chassisnote:truck mounted boom pump...

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Precautions for Truck mounted boom pump Operation - Pumping and Maintenance Safety

Precautions for operation of truck mounted boom pump-pumping and maintenance safety1.When the pump truck is running,do not open the hopper screen,water tank cov···...

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The role of concrete placing boom

Reduce much more labor intensity,improve work and economic efficiency.Compared with traditional manual concrete pouring,the placing boom can reduce labor intens···...

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Introduction of concrete placing boom (R-type boom and Z-type boom)

“R”type arms and“Z”type arms RA.As the delivery pipes of''R''type distributed on the both sides of arm,so the whole machine is uniformly str···...

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Setif Concrete Batching Plant Project Case

1.Product Name:Mobile Concrete Batching Plant/CBP60M2.Projecr Name:Housing Project3.Job Site:Setif,Algeria1.Product Name:Stationary Concrete2.Batching Plant/CBP···...

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